ECAS File System

This sections lists the directories, which are available in the Jupyter notebook. This important to know what are operations allowed on each of them.

User workspace

This space is only for the user opening a session at ECAS. The data and workflows have read-write access and are stored in a specific docker volume at disk. Even if you close your session or you restart the notebook, data will not be lost.

Shared with others

The following directories are read-only directories and you are not allowed to create or save notebooks/data.

  • data,

  • notebooks,

  • quickstart and

  • workflows

The content of these directories is avalable for all users logged into ECASLab. The conf is also a shared directory and contains information on how to mount your private B2DROP into the Jupyter notebook. This is not recommended to store other files in this directory.

ESGF Data Pool

… Already available but documentation coming soon.

Ophidia File System

Please go here for more information about the Ophidia filesystem.