How to register/Log in

There are two ways to register/log in to ECAS. The current release of ECAS allows authentication/authorization using LDAP. For this, an account at DKRZ is required. However, since ECAS is related to the EOSCHUB project, the authentication/authorization process will be through one the EOSCHUB AAI providers (INDIGO IAM, B2ACCESS and EGI Check IN).

Login with EOSC HUB AAI (Test only)

Currently, we are working on a solution that allows you to log into ECASLab through one of EOSCHUb AAI providers: EGI Check in, B2ACCESS or Indigo IAM. This will be available soon at the production instance at DKRZ. We have introduced a security provider based on third party framework that will play as the broker between ECASLab and the EOSCHUB AAI provider.