Welcome to ECAS’s documentation!


This is not the final version of the documentation. We are still working on different components of ECAS. Some information provided here is subject to change.

The ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS) will enable scientific end-users to perform data analysis experiments on large volumes of climate data, by exploiting a PID-enabled, server-side, and parallel approach.

It aims at providing a paradigm shift for the ENES community with a strong focus on data intensive analysis, provenance management, and server-side approaches as opposed to the current ones mostly client-based, sequential and with limited/missing end-to-end analytics workflow/provenance capabilities.

To login into Jupyter, enter the username and password provided to you after registration at DKRZ. If you would like an account or need assistance, please email ecas-support@dkrz.de.


ECAS is part of the EOSC-HUB service catalogue


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